A downloadable game for Windows

Made for R/Vive 'Summer's End Game Jam.'

An experimental game (my first game, actually) which plays with scale in a unique way. There is an ending... but you have to think OUTSIDE THE BOX!!!!!!! Sorry.

TRIGGER WARNING: spoopy graphics. The Rock.

Special thanks to JULIEWINTERS for the concept.

Assets from:

Sysdia Solutions Ltd (Stone Fox)


Arter G


Triplebrick https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/18634

Antonio Neves




And some models I made for Game of Hyrule.

Special thanks to M dot Strange from http://thestrangeschool.com/ for teaching me how to make games and stuff. Owe a lot to him!

Install instructions

VR ONLY! This game was developed for the HTC Vive, and requires you to plugin your headset and run the app when Steam VR is running.


Outside the Box Game.zip 215 MB


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What? The Rock? Like former WWF wrestler turned actor Dwayne Johnson?

The Rock is really the foundation of the piece... or just what came up when I searched for a free 3D model of a head.  Good eye, hahah.

Hey, I was wondering if I could have the "source code" I'd like to mess around with the concept/idea and see how you did it since I'm new to unity/ue4

I actually dont know how to code at all? And made this project using Playmaker. The process is pretty simple, for the larger copies I grabbed where the smaller object was in space and multiplied it by 10 (or .1). Only one of the objects actually has physics/can be grabbed. I hope this helps!

Sounds cool I checked it out and I think I might be getting Playmaker thanks for letting me know it exists! :D

Absolutely love it, this is actually the first game since I got my vive that really made me laugh out loud when I looked inside the box and realised what I was looking at. Really amazing job! This will be added to my demo list for when inviting people over to try out the Vive!

Love it!