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Hey, I was wondering if I could have the "source code" I'd like to mess around with the concept/idea and see how you did it since I'm new to unity/ue4

I actually dont know how to code at all? And made this project using Playmaker. The process is pretty simple, for the larger copies I grabbed where the smaller object was in space and multiplied it by 10 (or .1). Only one of the objects actually has physics/can be grabbed. I hope this helps!

Sounds cool I checked it out and I think I might be getting Playmaker thanks for letting me know it exists! :D

Absolutely love it, this is actually the first game since I got my vive that really made me laugh out loud when I looked inside the box and realised what I was looking at. Really amazing job! This will be added to my demo list for when inviting people over to try out the Vive!

Love it!